Delivery & takeaway will not be available on 1-2 October.

Wellness in Autumn Workshop
Wellness in Autumn Workshop
Wellness in Autumn Workshop
Wellness in Autumn Workshop
Wellness in Autumn Workshop
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Wellness in Autumn Workshop

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SPECIAL EVENT [Each ticket admits one guest]

Wellness in Autumn Workshop 
with Physician Lim Yanting from Zhongjing TCM Clinic 
秋季时养时聊: 仲景中医林彦廷医师 
A healthy diet is key to boosting your immunity. Experience a guided journey through the menu and learn more about dining well for health from a TCM perspective through this specially curated half-day lunch session at Yàn.  
Autumn brings the heat accumulated from Summer, making this period the sultriest time of the year. This is where the “Shi-Re Zheng” or dampness-heat is at its peak, impeding the movement of Qi. Learn how common Chinese herbs can nourish your lungs and spleen and boost your Qi when you use them correctly. Participants can experience a wholesome 5-course menu of dishes beautified and enhanced through the use of herbs.   

When: 2 October 2022, Sunday
Time: 12pm – 2.30pm (please arrive 15 mins before for registration) 
Venue: Yàn at the National Gallery Singapore, #05-02 
Tickets: $85 nett per person inclusive of 5-course lunch and tea

View menu and brochure here.

Special Rates: $10 OFF for UOB Cardmembers, Park Rewards and Gallery Insider. Applicable for ticket purchases made in person or with promotional code. Proof of membership required during event-day registration.

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❐ Complimentary Gift ❐
Every participant will also receive their very own Lung Nourishing Herbal Soup Mix 养肺汤包 to help them recreate the soup and incorporate their newfound knowledge into their meals to boost the well-being of their loved ones! 

Seating Arrangements
Each table accommodates from 4-6 guests per table. Some guests may be required to share tables. Our food will be individually-served by courses and seats will have safe-distancing in mind.
座位安排: 每张桌子能容纳4-6位。少过4人报名,餐馆将安排与其他客 拼桌,但上菜时,读者会各自获得一份餐点,无需共享食物。 

Fully-vaccinated participants only.

Zhongjing TCM Pop-up
Enjoy 10% off a selection of herbal tea, soup and curated gift sets.

❐ Lunch Menu 


Dim Sum Trio 点心三拼 
Steamed Scallop Dumplings with Asparagus and Black Fungus 

Crispy Puff filled with Shredded Radish and Cordyceps Flower 

Steamed Pork Dumpling with Mandarin Peel and Goji Berry 

Double-boiled Pork Ribs Soup with Glehnia Root and Solomon’s Seal 

Steamed Cod Fish with Chinese Yam and Preserved Vegetables 

Liquorice Roasted Duck with Stewed Noodles 

Chilled Osmanthus Barley Cream with Aloe Vera 

About Zhongjing TCM 

Established since 2016, Zhongjing TCM aims to provide quality traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Acupunture and Tuina services to our Singapore community. Zhongjing TCM's medication is uniquely personalized to improve each individual body’s condition, using fresh herbal brews and also powder herbs. Besides TCM consultations and treatments, Zhongjing TCM Institution also provide TCM education to TCM physicians and general public. 


About our Guest Speaker, Physician Lim Yanting

B.Sc. (Biomedical Sciences), NTU 
B.Med. (Chinese Medicine), BUCM 

Clinical Interests: TCM Paediatrics, TCM Internal Medicine 

Physician Lim has been a registered TCM Practitioner in Singapore since 2016. She has obtained her Double Degree in Biomedical Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine at NTU and BUCM in the same year. During her studies in Beijing, Physician Lim spent a considerable amount of time in the hospital’s Paediatrics Department. Her time there was well-invested, as she learned the methods of TCM Paediatrics Tuina from the physicians there. It was also during this time where she understood more about paediatric diseases and how TCM can better help these young children recover faster.  

It was also during this time when Physician Lim understood the difficulty children have when consuming TCM medicines. Even more evident in Singapore, Physician Lim sees the value of paediatrics Tuina, and aims to combine its methods with Chinese formulas in order to manage such diseases.  

Besides the management of paediatrics disease, Physician Lim’s clinical interests also lies in TCM internal medicine, predominantly in the management of sub-optimal health conditions such as poor sleep and appetite.